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Repairs and Restorations

Here at New Line Customs we offer a range of repair work and paint options. We can easily repair most minor body damage or replace and paint un-repairable body panels. Our prices are very competitive. Let us save you time and money without the headaches of dealing with a large body shop. Avoid rate increases and all the time dealing with the insurance company on small fender benders. Our prices on small jobs are typically less than the average deductible.


Dent Repair

We employ a variety of dent repair techniques to ensure a flawless finish. Starting with a stud welder we gently pull most dents while refineing with hammer and dolly. Heating and shrinking of the steel may be needed in some cases and may be complemented by a skim coat of body filler. After priming and blocking we lay down several coats of paint to restore the original appearance of the panel. A good wet sanding of the panel and buffing of the entire vehicle makes the repair impossibly seemless.


Complete Respray

Many cars have flaky topcoat issues. This is very unsightly and greatly reduces the resale value of a car. We can restore a cars value and appeal with an affordable glossy respray. The process begins by removing any flaky paint with a dual action sander or by hand. We then feather edge these spots and any other low spots we find. Spot priming any exposed metal with etch primer prevents the formation of rust. We generally prefer to use an all over primer at this point but we can leave this step out for those looking to save money. After block sanding we do a color match with the appropriate paint code and apply the topcoat. In most cases this will be a two step basecoat/clearcoat application consisting of 3-6 coats of basecoat and two coats of clear. Extra coats of clear can be added up to 4 total for an addtional cost. This will add more depth of shine and durability to the finish. Older cars are typically done with a single stage urethane, enamel or laquer. These can easily be upgraded to modern base/clear paint or kept classic with original paint. All finishes require a thorough wet sanding and polishing to acheive a glass like appearance


Panel Replacement

Sometimes the cost of repairing a panel would be much more than to just buy a new part. We can easily and quickly acquire new and used replacement parts for your car. Most parts come preprimered and only require a light scuffing before topcoat application. After removing the old damaged fender, hood, bumper, trunk deck, door, or spoiler we install the new one and your car is like new again.



Classic cars require a careful touch and lots of patience. We are very passionate about and take special pride in our restoration work. Offering many levels of restoration allows you to customise not only the price of the restoration but also the originality that is maintained. We can tackle some really ugly problems including rust holes large and small, dents, deteriorating vinyl tops, dingy brightwork, faded trim, peeling topcoats, and rusty wheels.

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